We're Moving to Colorado!

I have the biggest announcement to share with you. 

Jake and I are MOVING to Boulder, Colorado!

It's totally crazy and I want to tell you ALL about it, but in order to do so, I have to go back to Jake's and my first date and beginning stages of our relationship.

We graduated in 2013 as really good (and really flirtatious) friends, and both spent our first year kind of figuring out what we wanted to do. By May 2014, we mostly had things figured out individually, and our lives were taking completely opposite directions. I was about to start a job at Liberty as an RD and Jake was about to start a new job as a designer in New York City. Right before either of us started, we met up in Brooklyn for what turned out to be a completely life-altering event: our first date.

A few months later, Jake called me to say, "No more long-distance. I'm moving to Virginia. I'll be there by your birthday."

And he was. Jake sacrificed so much to pursue me - and while I was flattered, I worried he was making a huge mistake. What if this ruined his career? What if moving away from New York would mean giving up his chance at "making it"? What if he never gets back the momentum or opportunities he was given? What about the friends he had to leave behind?

Jake never wavered in his choice to move out of the Big Apple with big opportunities, never made me feel guilty for being the cause of his sacrifice, never doubted his decision.

He took his time with dating, not rushing into marriage to make sure it was the right decision, even when I was overly-eager to get engaged and embark on the adventure of being husband and wife. But by September 2015, a year after he moved, we were married.

And that's when things started to change for us.

Up to that point, Jake had been putting his career on the back-burner, letting our relationship take center stage.

My job as a Resident Director allowed us to live comfortably on one-income - because our housing is covered and we both get meal plans. Not the most glamorous for the two of us to be eating in the dining hall, but it's definitely comfortable enough. 

But even with all the goodness around us, something was missing. Jake needed a job.

I'll be the first to say the guy is extremely talented at what he does - it's one of the things which first attracted me to him. I wasn't concerned with his ability to find a job, but there are essentially no local companies who do what Jake's specifically interested in. Bummer.

So, after we got married, we realized it was time to shift our focus to the future, which meant Jake finding a good job.... which probably wasn't in Lynchburg.

So he sent out resume after resume, and was contacted with requests for many phone interviews. I didn't take most of these inquiries seriously, because in my mind it's supposed to take forever to find a job. I was pretty comfortable where I was and not in any rush, thinking we'd stay here until the summer. 

There was one job at one particular company which Jake was way more excited about than all the others.... And what do you know, after a period of time, they offered him a job.

And together, we said yes.

So, hey. We're moving to Colorado.

As exciting as it is, we've both wrestled through doubts of uprooting our lives to move across the country. I'll talk through more of those on a different day, a different post, but for now I'll just say this. 

I look at all Jake has already sacrificed for me and for our relationship, and I just think, how can I not trust him? He has weighed every decision so carefully in the past and always has my best interest at heart. I know that this opportunity is leading us toward something greater together, especially since we always knew we weren't meant to be in Lynchburg long term.

So I'm learning and living the freedom which comes from trust and submission. Trusting God. Submission by putting Jake's needs above my own, which is actually quite easy to do after he tirelessly pursued me for years, proving himself to me over and over and over again. 

It's still a leap of faith to move. I've never been to Colorado. I have no idea what type of job I want and don't have any connections. I don't have any friends who live in the area.

But the pieces are falling into place in ways I know are from God. So I'm diving in. And I plan to blog along the way! So check back :)

And for now, I just wanted to say thank you to the people who have made Lynchburg home for me the last couple years. You make this small town impossibly hard to leave. 

(also I don't know a soul in Boulder so if you've got some friends/connections, I'm open to friend-dates)