Tips to Sleep Better & Enjoy a Little Luxury

I'm one of those girls that gets super cranky on minimal sleep, so I've learned to prioritize a bedtime.... But somehow in the last months, I've been sleeping fitfully for totally preventative reasons. After living in my apartment about a year, only recently did I start noticing just how bright the parking lot lights shone from the outside, brightening up my bedroom, and it started keeping me awake every single night.

For whatever reason, I put off buying light-blocking curtains for months. Every night I'd toss and turn, thinking, "TOMORROW will be the day I buy better curtains." But each morning I'd put it off, not wanting to spend the money. Every afternoon I thought, "I'm SO tired, tonight I'll fall asleep just because I'm exhausted." But the light would shine so bright, there were no amounts of exhaustion to block it out.

Folks, I finally caved and bought a single panel at a discount store, and the effects have been life-changing.

Why am I telling you this?

Because sometimes we put off small things that have the potential to greatly impact our lives, simply because it feels like an inconvenience or maybe too luxurious. I think this is the case especially when we live by ourselves - we put off buying healthier foods, or real household items, because it might feel like a waste on just you. But this kind of thinking doesn't help, in fact, it can hurt if it causes us to miss out on important things like nutrients or sleep.

Everyone will agree that I, Lexie, am a much better human being when I've gotten rest, so I'm learning to defend these habits - and others - not just with my time but also with my wallet. Here are some things that feel pamperous, but I discovered can be quite necessary :)

Light Blocking Curtains. See story above. Also, these don't have to be expensive. I bought mine at Big Lots.

Eye Mask. Okay, Jake bought these for me because I kept bringing it up how I wanted a pair SO bad that he finally purchased a cheap pair on Amazon. Thanks honey.

Heating Pad. Because why did I spend each month moaning & complaining over the fact that I felt like I was dying? Save the drama and get yourself some heated help.

Candles. I used to get candle guilt when I'd burn these beauties alone without entertaining. Until one day I decided to quit the guilt and now I enjoy them as often as I please. It's not that much to keep buying the ones from Walmart which smell just as lovely as others (But hey - if I got an Anthro candle, I can't say I wouldn't save that one for special occasions #anthrofanforever)

Quality Sheets. Want to go from the Motel 6 to the Marriott? This is an example when YES you should totally spend more. I bought my first queen-sheet set at Ollie's last summer, and within a few months, they were gross and pilling. It took me WAY too long to hit up TJ Maxx and buy some high quality cotton, but when I did, I felt like I was swimming in silk at night (thanks Calvin Klein). 

Groceries. This sounds dumb, but I can put off buying groceries for a terrible amount of time, leaving me snacking on cookies at my boyfriends house (read: today) or hitting the drive-thru. Sometimes buying healthy groceries for myself feels like a waste because there's no one to enjoy this food with, and it goes bad so quickly and fresh produce actually requires EFFORT to be made into something.... But then I remember how much of a difference eating healthy makes on my mood, my confidence, and my daily life. It's worth becoming a priority, and worth skipping the office candy to tide me over.

Underwear. I know, I know, weird to put on this list. But who feels confident in themselves in ratty old underwear? I used to put off buying the good kind (or any new kinds!) thinking what's the point if no one sees it? I was just counting down the days until I had a reason to sport some grown-up, girl-boss matching sets. Let me give a word to all my unmarried sisters: Don't wait to buy cute underwear. It really does make you feel better.

Are there any items on this list you agree with? What about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)