Saturday Link Up (because THE WEEKEND)

Hey friends! Happy Saturday :) Hope you get to linger in your pj's this morning. No judgment if you pop up for coffee and jump back into bed - bonus points for book in hand. Seriously. Work the weekend.

Today I wanted to both pay a tribute and point you in the direction of the brave people who are committed to showing up and sharing their lives with others. These articles and these authors/bloggers/spokespeople push me to invest in my own community in my own ways.

These are the writings that stick in my mind when I'm laying in bed at night... The thought that "Maybe I could do something similar..... Maybe I should text this one friend. Or be a little more honest with that girl." These are the people walking in front of me, showing me it's cool to be brave and be authentic and generous with my time and my heart and my space.

So hope you enjoy some of these writings on authentic, bold, real, yummy community. And I said yummy because all my favorite things involved some kind of yummy food.

Friday Night Meatballs: How to change your life with pasta by Sarah Grey How one woman created a community out of a neighborhood by Shauna Niequist Recapturing US in the midst of our RUSH (a history of Monday night dinners) by Lysa TerKeurst Why I love Thursday Nights by Shauna Niequist