Powersheets & Goals & Things

I felt like all of last fall, all I saw on the internet were "Powersheets. Powersheets. Powersheets." Powersheets are the intentional goal setting workbooks put out by Lara Casey, and when I first saw them online, I thought they were cool but didn't think I could justify spending money on them.

And that's when Sibling Christmas Gift Exchange becomes the best thing. Shout out to my brother Jordan for doing sneaky research and giving me the coolest unnecessary but totally useful and appreciated gift ever. Okay, yeah, it's tied with my milk frother. Top two, for sure.

But back to Powersheets - I spent the entire month of January on the Prep Work, and came up with 10 goals for the next six months. They aren't all monumental, terrifying goals, some are still the same basics I'm trying to keep in my day-to-day. Exercise. Quiet Times. Etc. I'll be honest, I've never been a good goals person. I'm not disciplined and rarely finish what I start. I am so far from responsible it amazes me that I even have a job sometimes. It is so cool to see growth in my life from the last six years, and I know that all growth and change happened because of small steps that added up.

So this is what I'm doing in 2015. Taking small steps forward. Working with what I have. Daring to set the same old goal I've had on my mind for years, or new ones which are still being solidified.

10 Goals for 2015:

1. Develop my Writing Skills - by spending at least 3 days a week writing and blogging at least once a week. This is one of those "every year it's the same....."

2. Develop blog subscribers - aka people who subscribe by email. I am NOT a numbers person and am resolved not to be governed by statistics, however, this is a healthy sign of a blog that is actually beneficial to people. I'm currently sitting around 40 email subscribers - I want to see it grow to 100 in 6 months. *(hey if you like reading - go ahead and submit your email on the right to get all blogs delivered to your inbox!)

3. Support Jake in launching his freelance career. My guy is taking a big plunge into the digital world this month - jumping into his freelance career. He is incredibly talented and I believe in him a hundred million percent - his talent and work ethic were two of the things that attracted him to me from the beginning. You can check out his website here, even though he'll probably get mad I linked to it because he's still in the process of doing some relaunch. Whatever. Maybe you can check back. :)

4. Growth + Contentment (especially in relationships) Because in the short and long term, both of our lives will be better when we are investing in the other with prayer and encouragement, and contentment is a lifelong battle. Just like getting a boyfriend or losing weight or graduating from college or getting a job doesn't mean I'm automatically happy or my life has finally started.... So I can't buy into the lie that getting married or having kids or writing books or whatever else I'm looking forward to in my future will bring ultimate satisfaction or ease or contentment.

5. Invest in my RA's. These women are my main priority in my job. Keep them focused on what matters - stay centered in the gospel. Lead from example. If I don't take action on this goal, I may regret wasted time or suffer from surface relationships and miss out on lots of growth and mutual encouragement.

6. Grad School. Because I have to / Because I get to. I'm starting my degree in Human Services with an emphasis in - get this - life coaching. Hah! Sounds like a blast and maybe I'll learn a thing or to which I can pass along in my blog :)

7. EXERCISE ...at least 3x a week. This is an old goal, and totally important.

8. Be nice to myself. Because - well - I'll have to unpack this one another time but it's huge.

9. Daily QUIET TIME.... and actually prayer time I wrote this in all caps because it's definitely the most important thing n my list, even if it comes at number 9..... I need to stay rooted and grounded in God's word, caring more about what He thinks of me than what others do.... In my journal this morning, I wrote that I want to commit to the Lord, but I know the sinfulnesss in my own heart..... Having a quiet time keeps me reliant on God's power and not my own. It keeps me humbled and free.

10. Read more books / spend less time on Social Media. Facebook makes me feel bad about myself, reading makes me feel relaxed and smart and curious and grateful. Overall this one means, I WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME COMPARING MYSELF TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET. Because I'm being nice to myself.