On Blogging Anniversaries and Identity


Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of this blog :) 

It's so cool for me to look back on this little web space, this documented journey, these heart lessons and embarrassing stories... And I'll be the first one to say that I'm a bit shocked I've been able to consistently post for a year, when the odds were actually for this project to become one of those journals you start, carry around for three days, then abandon to collect dust under a mattress for the next year. 

While I was thinking about the fact that it's been a complete YEAR of consistency, I laughed thinking, "Hey, that kind of makes me sound like an actual blogger."

Go ahead and laugh, but if you asked me if I considered myself to be a blogger or writer, I would have said no. 


"Well, yeah, I do have a blog, but it's not very good... I'm not that consistent... I just use one of their templates for a layout, I haven't like made my own or anything... I'm working on it. I hope to be a blogger someday."

The reason I think this is notable, is I do the exact same thing with running! Recently someone asked me if I was a runner, and I went into a long essay of an explanation, "Well, I'm pretty back and forth with it, but yes, I'm running a bit more consistently right now... I definitely want to be a runner."

I just wish the logical part of my brain could overthrow the insecure and emotional side. Today, the functioning side of me is screaming, "Hey Lexie, remember when you ran a marathon?? Don't you think that makes you a runner? Or what about when you ran 12 miles this weekend just for fun? Or the 8 that you finished in the rain and snow yesterday morning? Does that make you a runner?"


It's funny that the things that matter so much to me are the ones I'm so timid to claim... Thankfully, my identity exists in something other than blogging and running, but since I'm already secure in myself, why can't I just accept the other terms?

So today - a year after starting this blog, I'm taking ownership (this is verryyyyy Jeff Goins of me). 


Hi, my name is Lexie, and I am a blogger and a runner.

I'm also a Christ follower, a reader, a writer. 

I'm a friend, a sister, a daughter, a student. 

I'm a yoga-practicer, a water-drinker, a recovering procrastinator. 

I'm a foodie, but not yet a cook. I'm an art-enthusiast, but not an artist. 



This was kind of fun :)

If you're also struggling with owning your identity, especially in the terms of writing, check out Jeff Goins and his ebook on "You Are A Writer." It's pretty inspiring, even if you're not ready to call yourself a writer just quite yet (he'll help you get there).