Living room forts don't count as real set design

Isn't it funny how having nothing to do can simply be the BEST, most refreshing, relaxing, lovely..... or the absolute worst, most lonely, frustrating, restless thing? It lends to me creating plans of grandeur, dreaming and scheming, finding ways to spend my time or let it waste. Image

That is how I feel today, even though, technically, there is always plenty to do... But my heart, thankfully, stays back from my daydreaming and time wasting, as it chews over the words the Lord said to the prophet Jeremiah...

"Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have set you this day..."

Some days, it's easy to get busy and forget to look for the way the Lord has set the stage. Other times, it seems like God has forgotten to set up, like he's backed up working on someone else's scenery. Often, I find myself setting up my own stage - enjoying the thrill of seeing my own work get built into what I think is a masterpiece, adding color and structure, with all my favorite props and background music and stage lighting.

Of course, that's like calling a little kid's make believe living-room fort a masterpiece, while the parents watch on, refraining from lending a hand, their words of warning are useless anyways, thanks to the booming stereo I've got playing, sending out small vibrations which threaten to topple down the whole set.

Some days when I think I have nothing to do, I have to remember to look to God, who has set the scene not just for today, but every day after this one. I get to choose to follow his script, live out his master story, instead of fiddling around with my little living room fort.