3 Winter Recipes I'm Loving Right Now

My friend Bri loves to ask a group about "3 Things You're Loving Right Now." Apparently she get's it from The Happy Hour podcast with Jamie Ivey, and I've officially adopted it as my go-to question for coffee dates, sleepovers, and dinner parties. 

Because I've been watching a LOT of Top Chef recently (some would say too much), I wanted to share 3 things I'm loving right now... specifically in the recipe category. Jake and I spent a week with his parents in upstate New York, and we ended up making these three things in our visit. I get nervous cooking for other people, and my poor in-laws have been subject to many of my mistakes over the years.... but I think this was the first time that all our attempts turned out okay! Besides, these recipes were either TOO delicious or TOO easy not to share with our family. Hope you enjoy these dishes as much as we did! 



1. Smitten Kitchen's Risotto
I recognize this recipe is over 10 years old, and I can't believe it took me so long to find it! Jake made this a few weeks ago at home, and this week we repeated it. It's so delicious, creamy, perfect texture and flavor. Comforting without feeling over indulgent, because you know, vegetables. I have a tendency to try and take recipe shortcuts and substitutions, but we actually followed this one to a T (it definitely helped to have his brothers help shucking artichokes and shredding parmesan). In the future, I think we will try it without the artichokes to save time, and I bet it will taste just as good. We drank it with some dry pinot grigio and I think I could eat this every week for winter. 

2. Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup
This is always, always a hit. My mom found this recipe a while ago, as a knock-off from Panera, and now it's spread from her house in DC, to my sister in Dallas, me in Colorado, and now the Robert's house in New York. It is always, always well received. I love the flavors and vegetables in here and think it's a great upgrade to plain chicken noodle soup. When it comes to leftovers, the orzo absorbs so much liquid that you might need to add more broth or water to it before reheating (I did it with water, then the microwave, which sounds gross but actually tasted just as good). 

3. Quick & Easy Tomato Soup
My favorite thing about this soup is a tie between how EASY it is to pull together (you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry), but also how it doesn't have dairy in it. Not sure why, but I have a strong aversion to putting cream in my tomato soup. I have no problem with eating this alongside a dairy-filled grilled cheese ;) And in fact, my life was changed by doing grilled cheese in a panini maker(!!) for the world's coziest lunch. One of the first things I'll be doing when I get back home is hitting up Bed Bath & Beyond for one of these

Let me know if you end up making any of these recipes! Hope you stay warm the rest of this winter :)