Colorado Staycation: 5 Dreamy Places to Stay (+Honorable Mentions)

A few years ago, my cousin worked for an international embassy's office located in Washington DC. During her time there, she was amazed at how often the expats traveled while assigned to the US for work. She said, "They have seen more of America than I have!" 

Hearing that immediately challenged me to always be on the lookout for local adventures. Yes, I hope to galavant around Europe one of these days (sooner rather than later!), but waiting for that BIG trip should not stop me from traveling in my own backyard. 

One of the things I've disliked about living in Colorado is how far away it is from other cities, as I've come to realize I am way more of a city girl than a beach or mountain girl. Growing up in the Washington DC suburbs, there were so many places to visit for day trips and weekends. My youth group and school took trips all up and down the east coast, from New York City and Philadelphia, to Myrtle Beach and Orlando. 

In Colorado, I've felt a little stuck. There are some trips that are 6 hours away, but in general you are way less connected to other cities and places than the east coast. You know, because of all the mountains and open space there is here.... (hence why people love it)

I've had to reframe my local travel expectations, to not try and visit new cities, but instead visit new mountains and mountain towns. To chase after new hikes and nature time instead of bustling sidewalks and skylines. 

There is SO much to see and do in Colorado, and I do want to take advantage of our time here. 

So all that to say, I'm remembering that even though we're committed here for the moment, our time in Colorado may still be limited. So I want to get out there and do more. I have a long list going of places I'd like to visit, including a list of dreamy places to stay! I thought I would share with you my top list in case you are planning a Colorado getaway or staycation for yourself and needed recommendations. Enjoy! 

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3 Winter Recipes I'm Loving Right Now

My friend Bri loves to ask a group about "3 Things You're Loving Right Now." Apparently she get's it from The Happy Hour podcast with Jamie Ivey, and I've officially adopted it as my go-to question for coffee dates, sleepovers, and dinner parties. 

Because I've been watching a LOT of Top Chef recently (some would say too much), I wanted to share 3 things I'm loving right now... specifically in the recipe category. Jake and I spent a week with his parents in upstate New York, and we ended up making all of these during our visit. I get nervous cooking for other people, and my poor in-laws have been subject to many of my mistakes over the years.... but I think this was the first time that all our attempts turned out okay! Besides, these recipes were either TOO delicious or TOO easy not to share with our family. Hope you enjoy these dishes as much as we did! 

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